Wills and Estate Administration

In Pennsylvania, probate is the process of resolving any financial matters related to the person who has passed away, known as the decedent. Most often, this process will involve the filing of tax returns, paying bills and ultimately distributing the remaining assets to heirs. If the decedent did not have a will, the assets will be distributed according to the Pennsylvania Intestacy Law. At Blakley & Jones, we work closely with estate executors or administrators to ensure that all of the necessary steps are completed correctly and promptly.

This process is often emotionally challenging from the beginning. It can be legally overwhelming as well, and it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the estate laws regardless of the size of the estate. Of course, as the size of the estate grows, the legal hurdles are more significant. Attorney Benjamin S. Blakley, III, and his experienced paralegal guide beneficiaries, executors and personal administrators through even the most complex probate cases. Hundreds of clients over the years have relied on our legal knowledge and professional, caring demeanor to help them reach a successful resolution of their matters.

Providing Guidance After The Loss Of A Loved One

After a loved one passes away, most families want the probate process to move quickly and efficiently. When people attempt to administer an estate or navigate the probate process on their own, they often make mistakes that are costly to fix. By working with an experienced estate administration lawyer, you can avoid mistakes and keep costs reasonable. This is possible, as long as the estate is handled properly. The staff at Blakley & Jones will provide efficient and compassionate counsel and representation during the estate administration, counseling estate executors and families on the correct way to manage an estate in probate.

Local Administration Services for Out-of-Town Clients

Attorney Benjamin S. Blakley, III, has assisted many out-of-town and out-of-state clients who need a local attorney to help with probate and estate administration work. For example, if your loved one owned real estate or other assets in the Clearfield County area, you may desire the services of a Clearfield County area probate attorney to finalize the probate administration process.

Experienced Estate Administrators

Estate administration and Orphans' Court litigation can take an emotional and financial toll on surviving family members and loved ones. In these situations, you need the experience of a well-established law firm to guide you through the process. Through our firm's 40-plus-year history, we have handled complex probate and estate administration matters, including:

  • Filing Federal Estate Tax and Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax returns
  • Distributing assets
  • Resolving creditors' claims against the estate
  • Liquidating assets
  • Will contests
  • Guardianship petitions

We will be happy to explain your rights and duties as an executor, an administrator, an estate beneficiary or an estate creditor. We would be honored if you would contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys by calling our office at 814-371-2730 or by sending an email.