Valuable Legal Advice For Your Residential Real Estate Transactions

There is no requirement that you have a lawyer involved when you buy, sell or lease residential real estate. However, at Blakley & Jones, we strongly encourage you to ask a lawyer to review your contracts. An attorney on your side can verify that your interests are well-protected as you enter into a buy-sell or lease agreement. Over many years of law practice in Clearfield County, we have seen many problematic residential real estate matters. Most or all could have been avoided with timely legal counsel.

Before You Sign An Agreement Or Close On A Home Sale

Do you understand the wording in the contract you will sign when you buy or sell a house, condo or other residential property? Does the contract contain the right provisions to protect your interests? For your own protection, get reliable answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Your realtor — or the seller's realtor, if you are the buyer — may work from a preprinted sales contract. Such contracts have been created by organizations like the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and may not address your specific needs. An experienced realtor will likely offer advice and make clarifications as needed. Keep in mind that the realtor's goal is to finalize the deal. An attorney on your side, however, will zero in on issues relevant to your short-term and long-term interests.

Be Smart And Protect Your Interests In Residential Real Estate Transactions

Perhaps you already signed a contract and now the realtor has asked if you have a lawyer. Hopefully, your answer will be yes. At Blakley & Jones, we can help certify and insure the title when you buy or sell a home. Legal services we offer include:

  • Title searches
  • Buy-sell and lease contract review
  • Lease with option to buy contract review
  • Installment sale contract review
  • Deed preparation
  • Arrangements for specific community requirements such as sewage testing
  • Arrangements for radon testing
  • Arrangements for home inspections and analysis of results

The closing company cannot give legal advice on these or other critical matters. This is another reason why it is advisable and may be necessary for you to hire an attorney when you buy, sell or lease residential property.

For Answers And Help Now

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