Clearfield County Real Estate Lawyer

At Blakley & Jones, our real estate practice serves clients with a broad range of goals. We represent both buyers and sellers, but all clients get the same quality legal service focused on personal attention and availability.

We stay open so you can close.

We skillfully assist clients with many different types of property matters. We utilize our broad experience in developing unique solutions to every type of project, including:

  • Completing agreements, sales and closings
  • Drafting rental agreements
  • Financing alternatives
  • Negotiating mortgages
  • Handling zoning and planning issues

In addition, we work with clients to address the following types of real estate issues:

Installment contracts: Rather than obtaining financing through traditional lending institutions, we help clients find alternative financing to reach their goals.

Quiet title actions: Real property transactions involve the use of titles and when problems occur, we help clients bring quiet title actions to clear all problems from the title.

Property disputes: Landowners occasionally encounter problems regarding boundary lines, adverse possession claims or other title problems. We walk our clients through the resolution process and help find solutions that work for everyone.

DuBois Real Estate Attorney

For assistance with your commercial or residential real estate issue, please contact Blakley & Jones. Call our Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, office at 814-371-2730 for a low cost initial consultation.