Clearfield County Family Lawyer

At the heart of all family law matters is a thorough understanding of family relationships and a detailed knowledge of the legal or financial considerations. Blakley & Jones provides well-rounded legal counsel in all family law issues with a focus on personally serving our clients' needs. We have 25 years of family law experience and can handle complex legal issues as easily as we can litigate cases in court and resolve disputes.


From beginning to end, we provide strong legal advocacy throughout the dissolution of marriage process. We counsel our clients regarding the complex financial considerations often involved in divorces, as well as equitable distribution and alimony issues. While the divorce is pending, we protect clients' assets and find solutions to help them meet their financial needs and obligations. We spend time with each client, giving answers to questions involving cost, what to expect and how property will be divided.


Child custody cases involve giving parental rights to one or both parents, including the physical care of the child and the ability to make decisions concerning the child. Our main concern in all custody cases is the welfare of the children involved. We also work to address our clients' concerns about seeing their children as often as possible, ensuring the children are in a safe and loving environment and maintaining the parental relationship.

Spousal and Child Support

At Blakley & Jones, we help clients obtain financial security for themselves and their children through child and spousal support. Getting support involves an initial Domestic Relations hearing with the possibility of subsequent appeals. Wherever the process takes us,we counsel our clients each step of the way.


We represent biological and adoptive parents in the adoption process, approaching each special case with understanding and patience. We advocate for our clients' interests while working to keep the process as smooth and quick as possible. We assist clients with all types of adoption situations. Many clients wish to adopt the child of their new spouses and hire us to handle the stepparent adoption. While less common, we also counsel grandparents through the adoption process and handle other types of cases such as terminations of parental rights and name changes.

DuBois Divorce Lawyer

Each client's unique legal need is important to us, and we look forward to assisting however we can. To make sure your interests are protected, call us at 814-371-2730 or contact us for a low cost initial consultation.